Sell Your Car

Looking to Upgrade? Sell Bourgeois Midland Nissan Your Vehicle!

Bourgeois Midland Nissan will appraise & make an offer to buy your old vehicle. Read on to see why we're the best choice for vehicle trade-ins.

No Obligation

Choose to take or leave our offer — no pressure tactics, no worries!

Excellent Value

We take every factor into account to offer the best value for your vehicle!

Timely Offers

We work hard to put together fast offers so you don't have to wait!

Why Do You Need An Appointment?

1. The Appraisal Process is Thorough

There are a number of different factors that influence the value of your vehicle. Some of the things we look for are:

Overall Condition

We do a visual examination to identify the overall condition of the vehicle.

Test Drive

We do a quick check to identify the overall driving quality of the vehicle.

Extras & Add-Ons

We want to see what makes your car special. Fancy rims, new wiper blades, heated seats?


Has your car had regular servicing? Any accidents or claims?

2. Post-Appointment Expectations

Our team will go through the details and provide you an offer. We will follow up to touch base about whether we can get you into a new vehicle, but there is no obligation to accept!

Schedule Your Appraisal Appointment

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